MCM Sports Park

In 2009, Monte Christo Miqlat (MCM) received a 20 year lease from the Drakenstein Municipality for the New Orleans Sports ground. This property, which used to be a quality sports ground, had been left to decay and was a site for gang activity and other negative influences.

By early 2010, we were able to complete the first phase of renewal, which included repaired fencing, 2 full size football pitches and a field hockey pitch, offices, storage, and stands to watch the games. By mid-2010, the MCM Sports Park was once again hosting up to 1000 children a week in sports programmes. Plans for the second phase are now under way.

Leadership Development

Through our sports coach development and leadership programs held in our Community Care Centers, MCM delivers specific programs and training classes aimed at developing the leadership abilities of children and youth. Participants in the programs learn leadership skills while developing a heart to serve others in their community.

Coaching 1000

Growing up in distressed communities is not easy. Lack of strong male role models, street gangs, drug and alcohol abuse and crime all live on the streets making it hard for children to avoid. Strong sports programmes are one of the best possible solutions. The MCM Coaching 1000 programme is meant to meet this need. The backbone of the programme is the coaches.

Our objective is to recruit, train and encourage coaches to invest in these kids. Coaching 1000 gets its name from the dream of having 20 coaches who train 50 kids each - meaning 1000 youngsters have the opportunity to get involved in a positive, healthy lifestyle as opposed to the alternative of being on the streets.

At present, our coaching staff is working with 9 surrounding primary schools. We have been invited to help the interested students with both sports skills and life skills. We also work with our Drakenstein Food Centre to provide daily nutrition in the form of a Carotino muffin.

All in all, Coaching 1000 is making a huge impact in helping these young men and women to turn away from the streets and continue with both sports and education…all on their way to becoming a positive addition to our community.

MCM Community Gym

MCM Community Gym is located in the Klein Drakenstein community of Paarl East. With support from community members and the Virgin Active Corporation, we were able to develop a new community-focused gym to provide a much needed location where community members can maintain physical fitness.

Having started its' operations in October, 2010, this facility now reaches many people who, to date, have not had access to a low cost, quality fitness facility in their own community.

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