Tiffany's Community Care Centre

Located in the communities of Klein Nederberg and Magnolia in Paarl East, the Tiffany's Centre provides a wide range of services for this needy community.

Through this newly remodeled facility, we are able to provide a computer lab, a training center, a community gymnasium, pre and after school programmes, and nutritious food on a regular basis.

Tiffany's is focused on true community care for all ages from the very young to the elderly; our staff is driven to meet the greatest needs as they arise. The upper floor serves as a fully-functioning dormitory with an accompanying multi-purpose room for training and development.

Lukhanyo Community Care Centre

Lukhanyo means "light" in isiXhosa. Since 2005, the Lukhanyo Community Care Centre has been that light in Silvertown, providing this Mbekweni community a place of help, activity and safety.

Food provision, arts & culture, senior activities, a computer and internet café and many other programmes take place in this facility.

Originally started as the "Lukhanyo Youth Development Organization" by concerned local parents, the facility now serves all ages and a wide range of community needs.

Full Circle Community Care Centre

There are an estimated 2,000 homeless people living on the streets of Paarl. The heart of the Homeless Care ministry is the Full Circle Homeless effort which was founded to provide a holistic, sustainable programme to help these homeless individuals.

Based on an effective programme in Cape Town called U-turn, our programme also has a three phased approach, the first two of which we have underway at this time.

Those include:

Making Contact - This first phase involves meeting new homeless individuals, gathering their initial information and finding out their most immediate needs. These initial efforts help our team to develop a relationship with the homeless and start tracking their information and progress.

Rehabilitation - In this next phase, our team begins working with individuals who genuinely want to turn their lives around. This includes part-time job opportunities through our Oprium Jobs programme.

Every morning, our team gathers willing participants into five person work teams that perform jobs (i.e. street cleaning, garden and yard maintenance, car washing, etc.) that have been obtained from community businesses and participants. Also, in this phase, we provide a Meal and Life Skills programme which provides varied skills training courses as well as a nutritious meal.

Reintegration - In 2012, we hope to add a third phase to our Homeless Care ministry. This third phase involves helping the participants go through the process of getting a job and re-entering society including post-care programmes and accountability steps.

The Voucher Project

Begging has become a problem that leaves many of us with no idea how to respond. Giving money is often times the wrong response - but we want to do something! The Full Circle Ministry has just launched a new initiative to provide a constructive solution…a voucher. This voucher, when given to a homeless person, is good for either a warm meal or an article of clothing from the Drakenstein Hospice Thrift Shop.

Booklets are now being sold in many churches and retail establishments in Paarl. Be sure to buy one and know you are contributing in the right way.

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