Bowy Programme @ Butterfly House

In 2002 the serious impact of the HIV pandemic was beginning to be felt in the Paarl area. During that year, Miqlat founder Hester Veldsman met a woman named Valeria who had a young son named Bowy, both sick with AIDS. Through Bowy, and children like him, the team and supporters became aware of the need for a place where children infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS could be cared for, should they be orphaned or become too ill for their parents to take care of them.

Bowy House's doors were opened in October 2002 with the aim of caring for the children impacted by HIV/AIDS. Sadly, Bowy died of AIDS before he could benefit from the facility, but his memory lives on as the inspiration for this place of love, care and safety. Bowy House provided 24/7 care for up to 15 children aged five years and younger. These children, infected with or seriously affected by HIV/AIDS and/or other serious illnesses, come from needy, poverty-stricken families. Bowy House reached the milestone of having cared for over 102 children in its history of just over ten years.

On 14 June 2013, we relocated the Bowy House programme to the Butterfly House Community Resource Centre situated in the community of Fairyland. Doing care with the family and establishing opportunities for families to gain the necessary support, skills and resources to ensure that the children get the best possible family care, is our aim. The new Bowy programme provides educational care for +- 20 children ages from 2 - 6.


We provide resources and professional support to enable the most vulnerable families to care for their children: promoting healthy, hopeful futures.

Holistic Care Plan

The Interdisciplinary TAC (Team Around the Child) develop, implement & monitor a holistic care plan for each child which includes care in the home and at Butterfly House.

The holistic care plan addresses physical, emotional, social, health literacy, educational, spiritual and cultural needs and preferences.

Targeted patients

  • Vulnerable HIV positive children
  • Children with other life-limiting conditions and vulnerabilities (e.g. malnourished, cancer, cerebral palsy, neglect, abused)
  • The siblings of sick children
  • Primary caregivers of children

More Information

For more information on Bowy Programme @ Butterfly House, please feel free to view our Bowy House Master Plan. (PDF)

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