Volunteer Programmes

Part of the mission of Monte Christo Miqlat (MCM) is to help build bridges between and within our communities. We believe that here in Paarl we have all the resources necessary to eliminate the sting of poverty. We work hard to maintain a number of volunteer opportunities in each of our ministry areas. If you are interested in volunteering and joining our efforts, please go to the Contact Us page and let us know!

Church Partnerships

MCM is a MCM is a Christian Non-Profit Company (NPC) that is working to provide strategic solutions for the impacts of poverty in our community. We clearly understand the role of the church, and we strongly support the development and growth of strong, healthy churches.

As such, we do not promote a particular Christian doctrinal viewpoint nor do we have any programmes that conflict with the mission of the local church. We actively partner with churches of all denominations in an effort to fulfill the commandment of Christ to reach out to the underprivileged. If you are interested in pursuing a partnership with MCM, please go to the Contact Us page and let us know!

Community Care Partnerships

The mission of MCM is to identify needs and address them in whatever way we can. As such, we have built wonderful partnerships with both individuals and organizations focused on the same objectives. If you or your organization might be interested in working together, we would like to talk to you. Please go to the Contact Us page and send us an email and we will sit down and explore how to move forward together!

Financial Support

Like most Non Profit Organizations, MCM needs support to provide the care that we do. To receive a list of our current needs, please go to the Contact Us page and send us an e-mail. If you are interested in providing us with support, please click the DONATE NOW button at the top of this page and see the different ways you can support our efforts.

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