Living and experiencing God's kingdom (peace, fairness and joy) of heaven through a life of faith in action.


In obedience to Christ, our mission is to sustainably help and empower those in our community who are in need. We and our partners will work together to address the root of poverty in our communities, assisting the needy to experience healthy, fulfilling lives, both physically and spiritually.


In the early 1990's Hester Veldsman began to work in the communities of Paarl, Mbekweni and Wellington to provide help for the victims of poverty. Her passion brought other like-minded individuals into this effort. Through an introductory meeting with Dan and Kristen Gillespie from San Diego in the USA, a new partnership was formed.

In August of 2000, a short term mission team of 32 from San Diego, California visited Paarl for two weeks. During that time a number of Americans were called to join hands and provide Christ-like care for the people of the Paarl Valley.

Over the next 4 years, the ministry team grew in both people and care areas. Two ministries resulted as well. Miqlat Ministries, guided by Hester Veldsman, grew in the areas of HIV/AIDS care, leadership development and community care. Comparably, Monte Christo Ministries, headed by Tom Gay, focused on food provision, sports and recreation, and care for the homeless.

In June of 2010, the two Boards of Directors voted to take steps to have these ministries come together. By the end of the year the effort had concluded with a consolidated staff, organizational structure and a single combined Board of Directors. Now operating as Monte Christo Miqlat, the organisation has four ministry departments and approximately 50 full time staff and part-time volunteers.

Board of Directors

MCM is led by a South African Board of Directors that represents each of the cultures with which we work. The current Board Members are:
  • Deon Blackburn, Chairman
  • Riel Malan
  • Jacques du Preez
  • Nancy Tyboch
  • Francis Petersen
  • Robert Lewis
  • Vernon Jacobs


  • Aletia Grundling, CEO
  • Karen Petersen, Marketing, Communications & Human Resources
  • Edo Malan, Finance
Focus Area Managers
  • Leandri Linde, Drakenstein Food Centre - Community Nutrition
  • Francisco Naude, MCM Sportspark - Sports and Recreation
  • Lee-Anne Opperman, Bowy Programme - Community Health
  • Rayleen Williams, Tiffany's Community Care Centre
  • Sydwell Magqazana, Lukhanyo Community Care Centre
  • Jacques Heyns, Full Circle Community Care Centre
  • Sune Coetzee, MCM Coffee Shop

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